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Intercontinental Santiago, Avenida Vitacura 2885 – Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
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LARTC is the single largest gathering of Latin America’s refining and petrochemical leaders. With two days of multi streamed strategic and technical content addressing the innovations and technologies specifically relevant to the needs of Latin America’s refineries and plants. Join KBC at this event where we will be delivering the following presentations.

Presentation: Residue Hydrotreating in a 0.5% Sulphur Bunker Fuel World

Wednesday 17th October, 3:15 pm

  • The International Maritime Organization (IMO) will implement 0.5 wt% Sulphur emissions spec for Bunker fuels in 2020 from the current 3.5 wt%. This presentation review the current bunker fuel oil market and the expected longer term trend, including the potential market responses to this emissions spec change.
  • The response from the downstream industry is refinery specific and depends on the current configuration and geographical location. We will present at the possible technical options that refiners have to avoid producing low value high sulphur residue and more specifically the role of resid hydrotreating as an alternative to delayed coking.
  • The IMO spec will affect the current bunker producers, the presentation will touch upon the investment options and strategies that these producers can consider to align with the regulation. We also present the impact on OpEx and resid treating capacity for refineries that currently already produces 1% fuel oil. 

Presentation: Daily Production Accounting at ENAP Business Units - Implementation Experience, Strategies and Achievements 

Thursday 18th October, 12:10 pm

  • Key aspects for a successful implementation of a production accounting system in a multi-site integrated company 
  • Benefits that can be expected at each level of the business 
  • Minimizing the gaps by different technology and procedures Mauricio Castro, Global Balance 

This event free. To book your tickets go online today.


Intercontinental Santiago, Avenida Vitacura 2885 – Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
(View on a Map)

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