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Hilton New Orleans Riverside, 2 Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA 70130
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The American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) Annual Meeting is the world’s premier refining and petrochemicals industry meeting. For more information or to register for the event, please go to the event website here.

We would love to have you join us in our hospitality suite at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside at this year’s AFPM Annual Meeting. Our experts have been assembled to discuss all the latest issues concerning the refinery industry. Learn more about our latest solutions and the ground-breaking way our customers are improving the economic performance of their plants with KBC at their side.

We have a program of 15-minute presentations on Sunday and Monday evenings with cocktails and entertainment.

Some of the subjects you can talk to us about include:

Non-conventional driven infrastructure build out and its implications on refinery competitive advantage

Changing crude markets, pipeline reversals and the ability of large and highly efficient US Gulf Coast, Russian and Middle Eastern export refiners to cost-efficiently place refined products into Europe and onto the US East Coast adds more stress into the marketplace. The growing availability of light, tight oil from shale formations, and the number of international oil companies and others bringing heavier crudes to market from deepwater and oil sands, has broadened the available crude basket. The array of crude choices can have a massive impact on the value of molecules being produced. Open-mindedness and a sense of urgency are required by refiners regarding the markets being targeted. Talk to us about the best response for your refinery.

Getting ahead of tightening environmental regulation

Industry-changing IMO (International Maritime Organization) rules about sulphur emissions in shipping from 2020 along with looming CO2 emissions control puts pressure on the refining industry to make difficult investment and logistics decisions. However, it also offers a real opportunity for refiners to move away from bottom of the barrel product. The sooner you build for the future, the sooner you will reap the rewards. Get advice from our subject matter experts on how we can help you respond to the challenges and maximize the opportunities this legislation brings.

Bringing performance benchmarking into the 21st century

We welcome Phillip Townsend Associates (PTAI), the premier benchmarking company in the process industries, and will introduce the newly formed partnership between PTAI and KBC. PTAI has earned a leadership position in petrochemicals, natural gas process and LNG industries and this, combined with KBCs leading position in hydrocarbons, brings a proven approach to refining and new solutions to the market. Join Mark Ingebretson, Managing Director of PTAI and Simon Wright, EVP Marketing at KBC to discuss how this new alliance can help you build and sustain a competitive position in your market.

Supply chain optimization – the KBC way

One of the main areas where huge value is still to be uncovered is in optimizing the entire supply chain, from crude to customer. Hear how our integrated software solution has unprecedented capabilities to capture these tremendous benefits. It results in more accurate supply chain models and enables you to reduce the gap between what is planned and what is actually realized. We will discuss the problem of crude oil blend management and how we can help refinery personnel go beyond just meeting planned volume targets by giving them visibility of the crude unit feed properties to alleviate logistic constraints.

Synchronization of plant data model and simulator process model to make unit performance improvement sustainable

Refiners struggle with the sustainability of rigorous unit performance improvement. Listen to our expert describe our innovative approach to practical performance monitoring intimately combined with rigorous simulation of potential improvements in a single synchronized solution. By recognizing that the plant data model and Petro-SIM’s process simulation model are both slightly different representations of the same asset, we have built into Petro-SIM a one-to-one mapping between them. The two representations of the asset now stay synchronized so that the process model is always up to date and portrays an accurate and timely representation of the asset and its potential for improvement.

Is your plant cloud-ready?  What does it take?

With IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) moving at a fast pace, companies are increasingly exploring how to bring their valuable OT (operational technology) data into the cloud for consumption within business IT systems. However, there are often gaps around people, processes and systems that can really undermine any efforts to transition to the cloud. OT and IT is rapidly being successfully connected with interfaces and collaboration of vendors, yet poor quality data, lack of required data, discipline of system maintenance, poor data governance and organizational unwillingness can spoil IIoT excitement and destroy potential value.  Cloud readiness is something that all businesses need to have high up on their digitalization agenda.  Talk to our IIoT experts to discover how you can get ready to share OT information with your business systems.

A second pair of expert eyes to assure your plant’s performance. Co-Pilot digital twin – more than just a buzzword.

Co-Pilot creates a live digital twin of your process facility in the Cloud, using KBCs IIoT and simulation technology. This live digital twin is then available through the Co-Pilot dashboard for KBC experts and the clients’ key stakeholders. This allows facility management and engineering to clearly see and understand performance and, in collaboration with KBC experts anywhere in the world, to identify any opportunities for further improvement.  Once changes are agreed and acted upon, Co-Pilot will track economic improvement.  Come and talk to us to hear why our Co-Pilot digital twin is more than just a buzzword.


To book some time with us at the event, please complete your details below and we will be in touch.




Hilton New Orleans Riverside, 2 Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA 70130
(View on a Map)

View event agenda

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