Process unit data reconciliation

Visual MESA Production Accounting (VM-PA) allows engineers to build mass balance reconciliation models for closing individual process unit mass balances. It integrates the production accounting and engineering worlds so that each use the same single data source. The result is better engineering improvement opportunities and accounting balance for the organization.

Why choose our VM-PA software?

VM-PA serves as the foundation of the facility’s hydrocarbon balance, process units’ health monitoring, and site loss control initiatives. It assists users with the calculation of their site-wide/unit-wise daily/hourly mass/volume/energy balances, on a tank-by-tank and unit-by-unit level for both the hydrocarbon and the utilities systems.

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VM-PA delivers best-in-class production accounting by integrating engineering knowledge with yield accounting techniques. The result is a single version of the truth serving as the foundation of the facility’s hydrocarbon balance and loss control initiatives. It automates the capture, balance, and tracking of complex-wide systems to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs

  • Best-in-class data reconciliation algorithm that shortens the verification time for the reconciled balance and detects potential incorrect measurements with more accuracy than other algorithms
  • Best-in-class analytics that provides a flowsheet graphical view and a tabular matrix view.
  • Model flexibility so that VM-PA can easily scale up to provide other mass balance reconciliation functionalities to cover off-site balance and site-wide accounting

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