GHG Emissions Management: What the Industry Needs

1 hour

KBC emissions management is a real-time monitoring and optimization solution for industries to reduce and report their carbon footprint and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability in an auditable environment.

Most industrial sites need to report emissions and do so by using average annual emissions calculated using certain factors as defined by the GHG protocol. The use of annual averages makes it difficult to take actions to reduce and to allocate emissions properly.

Accounting for site-wide emissions is the first step, but the end goal is the entire supply chain. All this must happen in a timely manner and in an auditable environment.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How using real time emissions data is important to improve precision and accuracy.
  • How automating the emissions accounting and reporting process eliminates the hassle of achieving emissions management at higher frequencies and can also save a significant amount of time so that engineers and accountants can be more available to perform other high-value activities.
  • How auditable reporting and data integrity capabilities allow external or internal auditors to achieve accurate results in the examination of a company's GHG emissions reporting

During the webinar we will also give a demo of the Visual MESA® Energy Management System highlighting the real time monitoring and auditable reporting.