Maximizing Resources: Upstream Efficiency in the Digital Era

1 hour

Monitoring production data in near real time in a secure manner and detecting production anomalies for higher operational efficiency poses challenges for many customers. This data may be residing in unconnected systems, thereby making it difficult to perform analytics, gain insights and hinder decision making.

Join us to learn more about how to overcome these challenges. The webinar will cover: 

  • Key trends driving digital transformation in the Oil & Gas sector
  • Overcoming key challenges of oil and gas production
  • The need for a single pane of glass
  • Optimizing production and driving cost reduction
  • A brief demo of KBC AcuityTM Operations Monitoring and Virtual Flow Metering.

Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking innovative solutions or a newcomer in the industry, this webinar will enrich your understanding.

Watch now to embark on a digital transformation journey to stay ahead in the competitive and ever-evolving Oil & Gas landscape.