Vikas Singh

Process Simulation Expert

Expert in: Process Simulation & Optimization, Energy Efficiency Improvement & Decarbonization

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About Vikas

Process simulation and optimization has always been my passion since graduating in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology almost 30 years ago, and gaining some valuable hands-on experience in a refinery. I have a special expertise in modeling and optimizing large integrated end-to-end process models in upstream, midstream and downstream processes. My role at KBC is to help our clients meet their decarbonization goals with the use of integrated process models to accurately predict the impact of available revamp options on the yield, energy, emissions, and economics.

As things stand today, a lot of countries and businesses have made commitments towards a carbon Net-Zero world, however, there is a lot of uncertainty about how best to get there given the multiple options and pathways available. The emergence of innovative and disruptive technologies does not make it any easier to determine the impact of these investment options on businesses and economies. Given the major investment involved, one false step can prove fatal for the business. A robust and adaptable roadmap is what is needed by the hydrocarbon industry. This is where an integrated and comprehensive model of process, energy, emissions, and economics is needed to get accurate insights in developing such a decarbonzation roadmap.

In my spare time I am an avid chess and table tennis player.