Joris Mertens

Principal Consultant

Expert in: Decarbonization and Sustainability

Joris Mertens  profile picture

About Joris

I am a veteran process technology engineer with a track record of helping individual fuel refineries and integrated refinery/petrochemical complexes worldwide aim for net zero emissions while maintaining profitability, a crucial piece of the decarbonization puzzle.

With a background spanning three decades in refinery economics, hydroprocessing, hydrogen production and hydrogen network optimization, I am well-versed in improving product yields, energy efficiency, and renewable energy solutions. My passion involves developing novel approaches using digital twins and modeling capabilities to help clients overcome tough environmental challenges.  

My research and project interests focus on investigating refinery emissions, emission reduction, and carbon markets. One of my key career highlights includes involvement in Japan's efforts to decarbonize the Goi industrial area. Lastly, I hold a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Ghent University.

Away from work, I host a radio talk show and enjoy traveling, hiking, and eating good food with good friends.