Iban Grau

Senior Staff Consultant

Expert in: Process Simulation and Refinery Margin Improvement Programs

Iban Grau profile picture

About Iban

I am the global lead for KBC’s Process Optimization Solutions, responsible for ensuring our solutions meet customer needs, provide the most effective margin improvement solutions and high value-add applications.

Following graduation from the Universitat Ramon Llull (URL) in Barcelona as a Chemical Engineer, I joined Aspen Technology, as a customer support consultant for their process simulation software. I acquired expertise in process simulation and thermodynamics, and provided training to engineers worldwide. I joined KBC in 2007, initially as part of the software team.  I became involved in refinery Profit Improvement Programs (PIPs) working with process engineers and operations teams to implement our profit improvement opportunities. Currently I am part of the Consulting Delivery Team. My areas of expertise are process simulation, project management and refinery margin improvement programs.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, mountain biking. Astronomy is a forgotten hobby that I hope to pick up again when my children are older. I also enjoy a good game of table-football.