Fernan Serralunga

R&D Senior Staff Consultant

Expert in: Real-time optimization of Energy and Emissions Systems

 Fernan Serralunga profile picture

As an Energy and Emissions R&D Consultant, I am part of a team that develops Energy and Emissions Management Systems. Being a chemical engineer, I enjoy creating and improving computer-aided tools that provide effective solutions for the industry. In particular, my expertise lies in real-time optimization of energy systems, oriented both to cost and emissions reduction. 

I joined KBC in 2006 as a project engineer to implement and support Energy Management Systems in Europe, and North and South America, for a wide variety of companies: oil refineries, petrochemical plants, district heating and cooling systems, and sugar and ethanol plants. Since joining R&D In 2014, I continue to support the engineering team and maintain client relations.

I am passionate about combining mathematical models and real-time data to simulate, monitor and optimize energy systems. This is a powerful tool to improve sustainability and achieve challenging decarbonization goals. In our team, we develope an Energy Management System. For many decades, this technology has played a vital role, and it continues to be used to address current and future challenges, including decarbonization-oriented optimization and monitoring, renewables and hydrogen modeling, cloud implementations, and connectivity to different sources of data.  

I earned my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Argentina, researching on real-time optimization of energy systems. In addition, I serve as an Assistant Professor in Instrumentation and Control for Chemical Engineering students.

In my free time, I enjoy running, kayaking, and cooking in my earthen oven for family and friends.