Federico Neira

Product Manager Production Accounting Staff Consultant

Expert in: Mass Balance, Yield Accounting and Data Reconciliation

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About Federico

Since 2004, I've taken part in multiple projects within KBC’s Yield Accounting and Data Reconciliation division. In these roles, I gained experience as a main technical consultant and connectors and reports developer. Then in 2010, I was promoted to the product manager position. As a seasoned product champion, I currently hold dual roles as a product manager and a senior subject matter expert within the Yield Accounting and Data Reconciliation division.

Having been part of the Yield Accounting and Data Reconciliation team since the very early stages of both the availability of technological solutions and my engineering career, it allowed me to grow professionally as the industry evolved. Experiencing the evolution first-hand gave me the necessary tools to shape one of the best leading solutions that leverage digital and cloud resources while contributing to the ongoing energy transition requirements.

In my roles, I specialize in working with an array of assets ranging from small facilities to large fuel refineries worldwide. This expertise has enabled me to implement innovative and simple solutions to problems that combine complex paper accounting requirements and valuable engineering needs.

In my off-time, I enjoy gardening, playing football, bike riding, and playing piano and guitar.