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Simulation and optimization

Effective business process optimization with our software

Our simulators and optimizers are equation-based, steady state and dynamic, designed for the Energy and Chemical industry to work the way you do, making the complex simple and always striving for a closer representation of reality. We have integrated traditionally separate engineering tools inside a single seamless platform that can be used for design, scenario planning and monitoring, optimization and training. Our simulation and optimization software helps you make the best decisions possible through deeper, more accurate and comprehensive engineering and thermodynamic analysis tied to economics. 

Our products and services

Comprehensively covering the entire oil, gas and petrochemical value chain and asset lifecycle, our software ensures that process design and operations can be automated and optimized for maximum efficiency, safety and profitability. 

  • Rigorous steady state and dynamic simulation models for upstream, midstream and downstream refinery and petrochemical processes
  • Tools to optimize the design, revamp and operation of energy systems
  • Multi-period optimizer will optimize now for the best possible future outcome
  • Support in making utility configuration decisions
  • Detailed, rigorous kinetic models of reactors
  • Trusted analytical tools for conversion unit monitoring, planning, optimization, and design and engineering studies
  • Comprehensive modeling of pressure, volume and temperature (PVT) and physical properties of pure components and complex mixtures
  • Thermal hydraulic network models
  • Built-in economic optimizer

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