Scaling Value Capture with Digital Twins

An Integrated Asset Model operationalized by real-time data to be used for business-wide situational awareness and decision-making requires digital twins.

A digital twin should be capable of scaling to incorporate as many of the constituent parts of the asset as possible. Different types of digital twins are suited for different purposes; their value varies significantly. The kind of digital twin, and how big and fast it will deliver value is key for integrated asset and supply chain optimization.

This whitepaper describes the key blocks of the scalable digital twin, which build along the value chain starting at the foundational molecular level. An optimum business portfolio is dependent on the molecular capabilities of the assets.

Today there are multiple different digital twins covering various aspects of the asset lifecycle and supply chain. The paper examines how they currently serve distinctly different purposes and use siloed / limited data sources and at fit-for-purpose compute speeds. Over time these digital twins will become increasingly holistic and connected for multi-purpose/- dimensional deployment and will be using increasingly ubiquitous data sources.