Energy Optimization Steps Toward Net Zero

As much as energy transitions to renewables, green hydrogen, fuel cells etc. are work in progress, energy efficiencies and improvements will always remain practical pathways. Not only to improve profitability of a plant’s operations but also to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In this article we describe:

  • The core components of a comprehensive energy optimization program
    • Opportunity Identification
    • Opportunity Evaluation
    • Roadmap
    • Development
    • Implementation Support
    • Digital Energy Management
  • How to implement an energy optimization program
  • How digitalization enables and expedites the program scientifically and in measurable manner

The article also covers a case study of an energy improvement program that was implemented at an international oil company with multiple refining assets across the globe. The objective was to drive a consistent approach to energy improvements and to be able to sustain their energy performance with a reduced effort using a digital twin.