Digitalization In Refineries: A Strategic Roadmap for Operational Excellence - Part 1

The refinery sector is one of the largest industries globally, with oil refinery capacity surpassing 100 million barrels per day in 2022 - nearly a twofold increase since 1970. Despite this growth, refineries manage significant capital intensity and profitability challenges, often hindered by cost and regulatory constraints that impede the adoption of new technologies. However, digitalization emerges as a pathway for those seeking operational excellence, safety, and sustainability. By adopting advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, automation, blockchain, AR/VR, digital twins, and cloud computing, refineries can enhance efficiency, reliability, and decision-making processes. 

Discover how a structured digitalization roadmap and value sustainment strategy are pivotal in maximizing ROI, efficiency gains, and competitive advantage in this evolving refinery landscape. This paper highlights:

  • The challenges with digitalization in the refining industry
  • 7 technologies that refineries can embrace to help transform their energy operations
  • A digitalization roadmap
  • The purpose of each stage of the digitalization roadmap
  • A high-level case study demonstrating how remote telemetry enabled a refiner to operationalize a new business model