Data Readiness: The Fundamental Building Block

What you do not measure, you cannot improve. For facilities to be safe, responsive and adaptive, plant data management can no longer be viewed as an after-thought or down the pecking order in terms of the plant management hierarchy.

For any digital initiative to be successful, no matter where it lies on the journey, you must follow the roadmap. What is the point in providing the advanced digital tools to steward manufacturing operations conformance if the basic means are not in place to measure the operation in the first place?

Covid-19 has changed your operational envelope, and the enterprise’s profitability now more than ever depends on the quality of your data. It is therefore essential for your data to have governance, propagation, sufficiency and trust. Auditing and sustainable technology solutions are needed now. The fallout from this Covid-19 situation means it is likely you will be pushed into a wider variety of new operation envelopes that will ultimately test your data further.

A data-driven approach for continuous improvement requires definition, ongoing tracking, and reporting of key performance indicators against targets. This is as relevant in the boardroom with management as it is with the frontline operators with field instruments and systems that enable precise measurement, data acquisition, and analysis. The whitepaper outlines the key data considerations and decisions that you can make to help you sustain profitable operations.