Carbon Capture Study

Amine solvents are one of the most accepted technologies used worldwide for capturing CO2. Selecting the appropriate solvent depends on many factors including the chemical composition of the gases containing CO2, the availability of the amines in a specific region, and cost.

Digital twins can be applied to carbon capturing systems. This paper discusses the analysis of carbon capturing technologies, specifically CO2 capturing from flue gases using different amine solvent formulations. Selecting the right and optimum solvent will benefit the final set up of a digital twin.

This paper presents case study results from a typical CO2 capturing system using three different amine solvents:

  1. MEA (30 wt%)
  2. MDEA+Piperazine (33wt% MDEA + 7wt% Piperazine)
  3. MDEA+Sulfolane (20 wt% MDEA + 30wt% Sulfolane)