Technology and Development of Automated Supply Chain Processes

45 mins

Whether you're manufacturing resins, chemicals, petroleum or another; the key purpose of your supply chain is to move products. However, did you know that your supply chain can also double as a competitive advantage by simply adding a healthy dose of technology?

It's true. Automating your supply chain can reduce your labor and operation's overhead. To achieve these cost savings, however, businesses need the data that tracks product usage, inventory levels, and transportation movements. With this information, planning can shift from a reactive to proactive approach.

While some companies have been able to benefit from this real-time data, others have not. This webinar will highlight the Vendor Managed Inventory solution and its future developments to help you manage your supply chain and inventory levels. In addition, you will hear real-world examples of how customers have used this technology to process more orders faster and with fewer errors to enhance customer value.

Join this webinar to learn how autonomous supply chain technology can help your firm improve its:

  • Inventory management
  • Procurement process
  • Decision-making

Register today to learn how your plant can enhance its entire supply chain - from raw-material suppliers through end users - while boosting ROI.