Keeping PACE with Advanced Process Control

1 hour

Many companies have successful Advanced Process Control (APC) applications, while others have struggled to maintain and sustain theirs. What sets apart leaders and laggards? What is the difference between those companies that keep their APC applications running and providing maximum benefits year after year, and those that see their applications fall into disuse? Doing APC well ensures a faster trajectory toward autonomous operations.

Key areas include:

  • Starting a well-executed and documented multivariable control application.
  • Embedding the crucial steps of measurement, monitoring and benefit reporting.
  • Increasing awareness and visibility of the value.
  • Gaining management recognition with delivering maximum from the applications.
  • Obtaining the resources to maintain and sustain them.

Air Liquide has been very focused on APC sustainability. In the APC program at Air Liquide, the pace was set to start APC sustainability, the software was chosen and the initial implementation was validated. This webinar will focus on how Air Liquide is approaching their upgrades, the training of new engineers, the benefits and results from it. Next steps to improve controls and stakeholder reliability will also be covered.