Energy Real-Time Optimization in the Petrochemical Industry - How to Go Digital

18 mins

Digitalization of energy management is about automating workflows and reducing the degree of assumptions in decision-making, enabling more precise execution at all levels to provide higher assurance of delivering the desired outcomes.

Braskem operates two large petrochemical complexes in Brazil where real-time energy optimization solutions are delivering significant benefit in terms of operating cost reduction. In 2016 a real-time optimization solution was implemented at Q1 site in Bahia and in 2019 the same solution was implemented at Q2 in Triunfo.

To date, Braskem has achieved a significant percentage reduction in total utility plant costs through these implementations. Through an integrated approach focusing on technology, people and processes, operators are now able to benefit from being more real-time, nimble and agile in their actions. Whilst the technology itself has been instrumental for Braskem in achieving these benefits, technology alone has been just one enabler of achieving and sustaining these benefits. From the outset, Braskem placed significant emphasis on people and process-related aspects in order to capture the maximum value.

This webinar will showcase the key people and process related aspects and key considerations of Braskem in making these two programs a success.

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