Digital Twin to Determine the Adequacy of FCC Unit Separators with Changing Operating Conditions

1 hour

Separation processes play a crucial role in the oil and gas sector to separate hydrocarbon reflux from sour water and overhead vapors. While excessive liquid carry-over reduces product quality or yield, traditional tools lack the sophistication to curb this industry-wide challenge.

Fortunately, process engineers working in complex oil and gas operations can leverage new state-of-the art modeling tools. KBC and MySep have partnered to combine the strength of Petro-SIM® process simulation with MySep's rigorous separator modeling. Marrying these leading industry tools can help your team uncover the operational constraints and fix the physical dependencies across the entire supply chain. The result: decision-making improves across all organizational levels to help operators mitigate risks and avoid re-engineering while optimizing business operations and profits.

In this one-hour webinar, case studies will demonstrate how these software tools not only debottleneck operations and designs but also prevent costly shut downs of FCC units that can lead to financial losses totaling an average of $1 million U.S. per day.

Join us to learn how this leading technology can help you:

  • Optimize operations for separation constraints when operating conditions change
  • Identify potential failure risks to key equipment (i.e. compressors)
  • Screen retrofit options
  • Verify technical adequacy and analyze cost/benefit