Demystifying the Energy Transition

45 mins

Roadmapping with GPS (Guided by Petro-SIM®)

Oil companies have recognized their part in the climate challenge and are committed to significant reductions in their own emissions and changing their roles to meet the new energy requirements in a net zero world.

Digital solutions are enabling information and data to be used ever more quickly to identify, quantify and respond to opportunities to improve emissions reduction and reduce operating costs. Using an Energy Management System and an Energy Modeling Simulation approach are critical to gain insight on the Energy Transition within a refiner's battery limits.

Join our webinar to learn:

  • How to measure, report and respond in real-time to energy supply and the resulting emissions
  • How to optimize energy supplies, including renewable sources like solar and wind, to minimize costs and emissions
  • How the KBC Integrated Process, Energy, Emissions and Economics Model (IP3EM), which uses a Petro-SIM model of an entire refinery and its utility system, enables insight into Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions at a unit and utility level
  • How IP3EM can identify major sources of remaining GHG emissions to allow for further emissions reduction projects to be considered
  • A case study will be presented on how a 150 MBPD 3rd quartile refinery reduced overall energy costs and emissions by 3-5% and its emissions expense by over 4.25 million Euros annually