Sustainable Real Time Optimization

Real time optimization (RTO) that’s maintainable by leveraging the existing skills of your engineers. An RTO that you can actually keep online… now that’s a game changer!

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Operations with Real Time Optimization

Power your operations, from units to entire facilities, with RT-OP a dynamic, real-time optimization solution. Real time optimization must be profitable for today and into the future with quick handling of upsets and a swift and continuous response to market signals and disturbances. This is why we’ve created a unique combination of Petro-SIM and Advanced Control and Estimation to form a tightly integrated and reliable system to optimize your operations. Whether you’re beginning or re-igniting your real-time optimization, increase your uptime and break your profit limits with our deep knowledge and the unparalleled accuracy of RT-OP.

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Effortless Maintenance

Ditch the complexity of traditional real time optimization software. Difficult to implement and scarce resource makes traditional real time optimization software a challenge to develop, maintain and sustain over the long term. With RT-OP you can design, operate and optimize your assets through utilizing the existing skills of your engineers for effortlessly maintenance giving you a single robust model. Accelerate maintenance further by deploying Automated Model Maintenance, that leverages AI to automate the process of maintaining models requiring even less of your engineers’ time whilst further increasing asset profitability and efficiency in real time.

Why RT-OP for Real Time Optimization

Close the Gap

A highly accurate and robust solution, RT-OP will help you close the gap between plan vs actual optimization with no increase in head count or new skills.

No Specialists Required

No unique skillsets are needed to maintain RT-OP. Our platform leverages your existing in-house simulation skills, giving you an easy-to-use solution to help maximize uptime and improve profit performance.

Fast Implementation

Build on your existing technology investment for faster ROI, typically around 5 months for existing Petro-SIM users.

Process Expertise

We are the only supplier to combine our industry leading process and operational consulting expertise with technology. KBC consultants’ have deep insights and experience on what needs to be optimized and can help you rethink how you optimize to maximize benefits beyond what your team currently thinks is possible.

Multiple Unit Challenge
Maintenance Challenge
Speed of Execution Challenge
Disturbance Challenge
single and multiple process units

Traditional solutions are not suitable for scenarios where multiple process units need to be optimized together in a coordinated fashion. RT-OP is capable of high-speed processing and controlling large-scale applications across multiple processes for multi-unit optimization.

Maintenance system performance

Multiple systems need to be maintained individually. Traditional optimization systems need multiple experts. Lack of efficient maintenance negatively impacts system performance and availability. RT-OP utilizes Petro-SIM for offline purposes and an APC platform to maintain the system performance, despite plant changes. This makes real time optimization easy to maintain without changing engineers’ routine maintenance workload.

RTOP execution points

Customers need to respond quickly to various disturbances to achieve optimal operation. Adapting to reflect these frequent changes is not always easy. RT-OP calculates gains and optimal operation points separately. Optimal operation points are updated every 5 - 10 minutes. Gains (which shows process characteristics) are updated every 2 hours.

Refineries, Petrochemical, and Chemical plants face many disturbances on a daily, hourly, and even minute-by-minute basis.  Some of these disturbances come from:

  • Environmental disturbances – Weather changes, feedstock variation, feedstock availability.
  • Economic disturbances – Supply sources, demand fluctuations, price fluctuations, industry competition.
  • Political disturbances – Regulatory compliance (e.g. CO2), legislative restrictions.
  • Internal disturbances – Operational hazards, equipment availability, corporate strategy.

Why Consider Real Time Optimization?

Unsure if you need real time optimization? Our analysis shows that with RT-OP you could see ROI in the range of 300% to 400% with payback as early as six months. Hear what Bradley Ford, Global Process Optimization Leader, has to say about the challenges of traditional real time optimization and the benefits of RT-OP.