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What is KBC's Co-Pilot program?

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An expert always by your side

Just as the co-pilot of an aircraft is there to assist the pilot with additional knowledge, and to step in and help at times of intense activity, the KBC Co-Pilot is there to remotely support your facility with our expertise, insight and technology, supplementing your own capabilities and resources.

Using the latest secure cloud-based technologies, the KBC Co-Pilot assures that your facility will always achieve its full potential.


A second pair of expert eyes to assure your facility achieves its full potential

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Digital twin of your facility: Models always up to date, Experts always available

Co-Pilot creates a live digital twin of your process facility in the Cloud, using KBC’s IIoT and simulation technology. This live digital twin is then available through the Co-Pilot dashboard for KBC experts and your stakeholders. This allows facility management and engineering teams to clearly see and understand performance and, in collaboration with KBC experts anywhere in the world, to identify opportunities for further improvement.

Once changes are agreed and acted upon, Co-Pilot tracks economic improvement against a base case established at the Co-Pilot kick-off.

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Achieving full potential requires constant expert attention

In today’s operating environment, it has become increasingly difficult to maximize the potential of process units:

  • Market volatility requires more flexible and agile operations
  • Decision making relies on accurate and timely information, plus exact models of the facility
  • Loss of expertise as an ageing workforce approaches retirement makes it harder to respond to pressing issues
  • The challenge of recruiting a new generation with different aspirations means that turnover is increasing and experience is lacking

All of this contributes to increased difficulty in achieving plans and targets, as well as maintaining profitability and competitiveness.

The KBC Co-Pilot is here to help. KBC's experts come from the industry and have decades of practical experience. Our simulation technology is the best in the world for modeling complex process operations. Our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions are proven over 20 years to securely bridge time and distance variations from your facility to our experts and technology.

"Within the first 30 days the KBC Co-Pilot Program was able to impact or advise on up to $6M in applicable operational savings or production improvements. We have also been very satisfied with the knowledge transfer from KBC experts to our staff and the ongoing efforts to cleanse and improve the unit data available."

Major US Refinery

Economic returns exceeding 10x the investment

The value created and the risk mitigated by Co-Pilot results in significant economic returns of at least ten times the investment. This is achieved through:

  • Fewer facility slowdowns through closer performance monitoring
  • Increasing the asset’s gross revenue by identifying opportunities to increase throughput
  • Boosting margins by increasing the production of higher value products and / or minimizing the quality ‘giveaway’
  • Knowledge transfer from KBC experts to the client engineers
  • Minimizing operating expenses by energy saving and reduced maintenance costs

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