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Hotel Martinez, 73 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, France
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ERTC (European Refining Technology Conference) is the place where Europe’s leading refiners and petrochemical producers meet to discuss and find the ideal solutions for all their technical challenges.

Presentation: A changing approach to Operational Excellence, shaped by emerging digital technologies and an increasingly volatile and competitive landscape

Our presentation discusses how the implementation of Operational Excellence requires alignment across key elements of the business model and how having a coherent and integrated approach that supports the strategic intent is central for successful production centric firms. 

The historical response of the downstream industry required considerable time and effort, and how acceleration of results is feasible with structured focus and digital technology advancements that increase workforce productivity and EBITDA per employee

The presentation details three key trends identified in a recent KBC / IQPC industry survey:

  • Having an Operational Excellence mindset helps provide a safer, reliable and more profitable organization and is therefore high on the agenda. 
  • A new approach is important to achieving operational excellence today and countering both the internal and external risk factors. 
  • Data and analytics, implemented correctly, have the potential to transform and help drive operational excellence; it is clear that there is still much more for the industry to do, with regards to embracing the latest technology, such as Big Data, the Cloud, IIoT and Artificial Intelligence.

We'll conclude the presentation with a look at how KBC developed and rolled out its operational excellence program with an East Asian refiner which was experiencing issues with loss prevention, operating efficiency and the alignment of operating practices with the wider corporate plan. KBC’s operational excellence strategy for the Asian refiner focused on four major themes and by implementing these steps with KBC’s support, the refiner accumulated 20 million man hours without a Lost Time Incident during execution of a turnaround. Financially, they achieved $160m in cumulative benefits, with a further $250m in potential benefits prepared for implementation.

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Hotel Martinez, 73 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, France
(View on a Map)

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