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A practical application of a digital twin - Integrating simulation into daily operations to minimize lost production

July 17, 2020 9 am BST 1 hour Free

Most well-run plants will have a simulation model of the plant – maybe it was created during the plant’s design stage, or maybe it has been created since. The use of process simulators for operations support is however limited to ad-hoc use by unit engineers for troubleshooting and investigating improvements. The engineer thinks what’s likely to happen and uses it for what-ifs scenarios, so that they can then try to calculate what the best value is.

There are problems in this system, improvements are only identified when engineers are focused on it, if actioned operators are not confident in the results of the ad-hoc model when making the change or an unexpected outcome happens meaning the unit engineers need to review the model again. All of this slows the rate of change or results in no improvement and often the resolution is that unit engineers stop using the model or build and test the model excessively losing focus on other more valuable improvements. Overall there is increased time and cost, delayed optimizations and missed improvements for the business – all resulting in lost profit.

For this webinar we've teamed up with IChemE. Join the webinar where Andrew McIntee will:

  • demonstrate a practical approach being employed in the energy and chemical industry to minimize lost profit by delivering the results of simulation models to unit engineers in their daily operations environment
  • detail how these latest technologies have now made it practical to use simulation models for continuous performance monitoring, adjustment and optimization; setting them up as Digital Twins
  • illustrate the digital twin approach and its outcomes where complex up-to-date asset simulation models deliver result data into the enterprise information systems, providing improvements and importantly the value of doing them direct to the operations environment. This facilitates sound business decisions to be taken immediately.

To register for this webinar please go to IChemE website.

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