Fuzhong Mao

Principal Consultant

Expert in: Refinery and Chemical Integration, Energy Efficiency Improvement

Fuzhong Mao profile picture

About Fuzhong

As a Principal Consultant, I bring over 33 years oil gas downstream experience. My experience spans refinery/petrochemical integrated optimization, profit improvement programs, operation optimization, commissioning, revamps and VDU Deepcut PDP design, as well as decarbonization, energy efficiency improvement and digital twins.

As a VDU Deepcut subject matter expert I have implemented many operational Deepcut projects, and two new 10MMTPA scale VDU Deepcut PDP designs in China. One of the benefits of these types of project is that it indirectly reduces carbon emissions. The digital twin projects I have led have focused on the process operation health management and benefit improvement.

I have participated in the completion of several energy efficiency improvement projects for PetroChina, Sinopec, BP and other joint ventures. Not only helping customers achieve short-term energy saving goals, but also delivering long-term sustainable energy performance improvement roadmaps.

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, savoring gourmet meals and travel. Swimming, climbing and high-intensity walking are among my favorite activities.