Brian Burgio

Advanced Process Control Program Manager

Expert in: Advanced Process Control (APC)

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About Brian

I am a results-oriented leader with over 35 years of experience in the refining, petrochemicals and chemicals industries. Most of this time was spent working with customers who use advanced solutions, such as Advanced Process Control, to drive their plants to peak performance.

I’ve had the unique opportunity to have been involved with Advanced Process Control since the early days of its introduction to the industry.   Straight out of university I worked in an agricultural chemicals plant.  I later went to work for a plastics manufacturing company where I first got exposed to Advanced Process Control.  I was so impressed with the technology and what it could do, I went to work for the vendor that supplied the technology.  Since then, I have devoted most of my career to helping companies get the most from this technology, and I’ve seen 100’s of customers transform their operations using this powerful technology. 

Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I take pride in creating tailored solutions for clients to overcome their operational challenges. Currently, I create advanced software solutions to help customers control their plant operations within the face of disturbances such as feed composition, ambient conditions, and other process disturbances. When this happens, customers are able to operate at their most profitable points and within safe operating limits.

Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, walking our two Golden Retrievers with my wife and keeping active by playing a mean game of pickle ball.