Bradley Ford

Regional Head

Expert in: Organizational Effectiveness, Digital Transformation, Business Model Design

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About Bradley

With over two decades of experience, I serve as the Regional Head at KBC. In my role, I specialize in helping struggling companies find their next steps in organizational development, particularly in Asian and CIS markets.

The strength of my approach lies in bringing People, Process, and Technology together in a way that doesn’t get lost in technical details, but with the speed and scale necessary for supersized success. On the surface, connecting people with IT/OT technology may appear easy. However for achieving this success, it needs to be truly accepted and loved by the operations team and this is is entirely different. My commitment to bringing together People, Process, and Technology as an integrated result drives me to give 110% effort every day.

To date, one of my biggest successes has involved working on a complex and politically sensitive project for a client. Over nine months, dedicated KBC and client teams were responsible for tackling a Digital Transformation project. Collectively, we revamped the refinery's entire operating model that elevated them to a new level of performance. Privately after the project conclusion, the executive shared that they expected failure due to the scale and complexity of the challenge. Instead, they were amazed at the results, and thus began an enduring relationship.

My career path started at a young age. I grew up in a family of refinery operators, and I followed their footsteps into the same field. Fortunately, they also served as my mentors who groomed and taught me the trade secrets. But from a young age, I developed a passion for technology, and as part of the next generation of refinery workers, this intersection of operations and technology illuminated my career path by combining something I loved with something I felt the refinery industry was lacking. Now as a professional, I embrace the definition of 'Transformation,' as a process of profound and radical change that reorients an organization and supports its growth.

Outside of work, my never-ending hobby is home automation as it is seldom ever working at 100%. But one day, I might succeed and get it perfect. At least, that’s my unachievable dream.