Andrew C H Layton

Principal Consultant - Technology Advisor

Expert in: Refining Process Technologies

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About Andrew

I first became interested in unit reliability and performance maximization through a series of in-depth onsite reliability assessments. Through this interest, I’ve worked on many projects to improve unit profitability and reduce the impact on the environment and been involved in decarbonization since the beginning of my career under the guise of energy reduction.

I work with clients on the operation and optimization of mature refining technologies, from monitoring to project development to safe reliability and apply this knowledge to renewable biodiesel technologies. I provide unbiased technology assessments for both mature technologies and renewable and zero emission energy alternatives, which require a big box approach to get properly ranked.

As the training gap widens due to fewer major startups and a loss of basic knowhow as people retire, I’ve helped clients provide training support for their engineers and to develop KPI /IOW targets and operating windows to help mitigate some areas of knowledge loss.