Alessandro Speranza

Global Portfolio Manager

Expert in: Thermodynamics and Mathematical Modeling

Alessandro Speranza profile picture

About Alessandro

I serve as the subject matter expert for Maximus and Multiflash. As the SME, I am not only responsible for developing thermodynamic modeling and flow assurance analysis but also delivering software training as well as communicating the software and company’s capabilities. In this role, I’ve developed expertise in digital twins, production management and optimization, and flow metering and monitoring. As a result of serving in this multi-faceted role, I’ve developed a diverse background in business and industry.

Over the course of my engineering career, I’ve worked in verticals spanning from oil and gas to manufacturing and equipment. During this time, I’ve helped oilfield service operators, oil and gas operators, engineering companies, EPCs, and more achieve their targets and improve their processes.

My approach to work is inspired by my love of physics and math combined with my passion for helping define the customer’s problem. The steps taken from defining the problem to implementing the solution fascinate me. Today, I collaborate with my teammates to synthesize a problem statement and discover a viable client solution. I’m most proud of being part of this dynamic team. Even more, I’m proud of the fact that clients believe in our expertise and appreciate that we aim to provide best-in-class services and solutions.

Away from work, I spend my time appreciating life. I have fun traveling, taking photographs, and playing tennis. In addition, I enjoy watching science fiction movies as well as reading comedy, history books, and suspense novels. After moving to London, I discovered a passion for musicals and theatre in general.