Petro-SIM 7.3 Technology to Optimize Refinery and Petrochemical Operations

Aug 18, 2022  

Digital twin boosts decarbonization, the key to the renewable energy transition.

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announces the release of a new version of its award-winning Petro-SIM® process simulation software. Version 7.3 now has a more reliable and robust reactor for modeling bio-oils and an emission calculation model for gas turbines and burners. As operators transition to clean energy, they now have access to highly accurate methods to design, monitor, and streamline operations while improving margins. Petro-SIM 7.3 technology lays the foundation for AI-based automated model maintenance, supporting the first of a series of applications that will deploy later this year.

Many countries are transitioning towards cleaner energy sources and optimizing energy consumption to reduce carbon emissions. The result is stringent environmental regulations that process industries must follow, which squeeze their already tight margins. The Petro-SIM 7.3 simulation tool has broadened its decarbonization simulation capabilities to accurately depict decarbonization processes, making it a scalable solution that helps operators overcome these challenges.

“The Petro-SIM 7.3 process simulator is a versatile tool that can now better provide accurate information to multiple units along the supply chain. Operators can use this data to predict potential problems, minimize system downtime, and design efficient systems,” said Rodolfo Tellez-Schmill, product champion for process simulation. "Our technology integrates into daily work processes to deliver reliable predictions of combustion emissions, potential equipment failures, and operational risks. Engineers can now go beyond traditional model building to optimizing operations, advancing performance monitoring, automating production scheduling, analyzing, and reducing emissions from combustion sources.”

The petrochemical-polymer industry in particular is seeing a growing demand. However, the complexity of polymer processing makes it challenging for polymer manufacturers to develop and design process technologies to meet the necessary product quality. Petro-SIM 7.3 software with Predici-SIM technology can now simulate polymerization processes. This allows operators to evaluate and manage challenges so they develop and produce new polymer grades with desirable properties while optimizing key performance indicators and maintaining operating conditions in steady-state and dynamic modes for the entire petrochemical-polymer supply chain.

Russell Byfield, global simulation business leader, further comments, "Throughout our 43-year history, KBC has created software applications to solve the most challenging problems across the process industry value chain from upstream, midstream to downstream, and petrochemicals. We take pride in offering one of the most comprehensive and advanced simulation software solutions in the industry. Its breadth and depth are unmatched, and its versatility enables our customers to efficiently and effectively address many challenges."

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