Latest Technology to Simplify Flow Assurance Strategy Development

Jun 29, 2021  

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announces the release of Maximus® 7.2 flow assurance and life of field simulation software that provides engineers with unique insights for making decisions in design and operations. With this new version production and flow assurance engineers or project managers can easily access relevant information to optimize production plans and minimize risks.

Flow assurance and flow instability are a major concern for oil and gas operators as a cause of excessive downtime or unexpected shutdowns and production loss. However, engineers from different disciplines commonly work in silos focusing on their main area of expertise across the project. This causes communication difficulties across teams which often results in poor design and operating choices. To compensate, operators either take an overly conservative or oversimplified approach to decision making. Either approach can affect the risk and economics of the project.

Planning for shutdown periods is a routine part of production and flow assurance engineering work because fluid and facility cooling during these periods can increase the risk of solid formation or excessive liquid holdup. Maximus helps mitigate this risk by estimating the cooldown time of a pipe segment and comparing it with the formation of solids such as waxes or hydrates. This allows users to confidently develop flow assurance and mitigation strategies in case of shutdown.

As digitalization and increasing automation change the industry, simulation models become part of a wider solution addressing business and asset management needs. Users can now integrate Maximus 7.2 technology in their custom workflows, on premise as well as on the cloud, to provide valuable production and flow assurance insights to asset and production managers.

“Maximus software is capable of supporting engineers in their biggest and most difficult design and operation modeling challenges”, stated Alessandro Speranza, KBC Maximus Product Manager. “With the release of Maximus 7.2 software we significantly simplified the program to make this wealth of advanced capabilities more easily accessible to a broader audience. Now all users can easily configure the software models to meet their needs and integrate in customizable solutions to achieve their objectives.”

Maximus 7.2 technology is available now. Contact us to find out more.