KBC Releases Visual MESA Production Accounting™ 3.7 for Mass Loss Detection in Complex Industrial Environments

May 17, 2019  

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announced the release of Visual MESA® Production Accounting 3.7 for hydrocarbon processing and chemical plants. Visual MESA Production Accounting models the process and the utilities side of these plants providing a complete solution in one integrated system. It automates the capture, balance, and tracking of complex-wide systems to reduce operating costs.

Visual MESA Production Accounting enables companies to implement a production accounting standard throughout the company, replacing custom-built and inflexible systems. From feedstock reception through the plant and into the finished product, Visual MESA Production Accounting delivers the data so operators can account for how the feedstock is flowing through the system. Over time, history collected from this data can show areas of process improvement.

As with previous releases, Visual MESA Production Accounting continues towards comprehensive movement management, integration with scheduling systems and energy support balance. This includes data capture, tank and oil movement system, data analysis, reconciliation, and reporting and exporting. Visual MESA Production Accounting now allows companies to monitor and account for product loss from storage tank evaporation which is a major source of loss.

“Oil and Gas industries need accurate and traceable production data to operate efficiently,” said Oscar Santollani, Senior Vice President for KBC’s Visual MESA software product line. “Even a small percentage of material loss has a major impact on profitability.” According to Santollani, KBC has deployed Visual MESA Production Accounting in dozens of companies. ANCAP, a national oil company in South America, increased their productivity and significantly reduced plant losses after KBC implemented Visual MESA Production Accounting.

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