KBC Releases Petro-SIM 7

Feb 26, 2019  

KBC releases Petro-SIM® 7 to disrupt traditional process simulation with exciting developments in the application of science, usability and digitalization. Building upon a trusted reputation and knowledge of the engineering science, KBC’s Petro-SIM 7 allows the Energy and Chemical industry to take its first real steps towards digitalization.

At KBC, we believe process simulation is at the heart of both design and operational decision-making. Petro-SIM 7 will boost the value derived from production management and supply chain optimization activities and reduce total cost of asset lifecycle simulation.

With Petro-SIM 7, we have continued the relentless embrace of science as the foundation of the process simulator, implemented simply, with powerful usability that connects people from multiple disciplines. Furthermore, we have extended beyond the core science by leveraging digital infrastructures to unite data with science, people with problem solving, and the virtual with the reality.

We believe that to achieve real value from process simulation, the technology must be based on three fundamental pillars:

  • The Science that underpins it;
  • People's ability to use it;
  • The use of Digital technologies to amplify its value.

In the area of science, Petro-SIM 7 benefits from: Continued improvements in fullstream fluid characterization methods and thermodynamic models; Continued integration of utility modeling capabilities; Initial integration of rigorous hydraulic network modeling capabilities including wellbore and subsea production systems; Upgraded kinetic reactor modeling suite; and Expanded capabilities in heat transfer modeling, along with many other improvements. The focus and aim of these enhancements is to deliver rigorous engineering accuracy and fidelity so that users never have to compromise on the quality of results.

At KBC, we understand that science by itself doesn't translate directly into results. Therefore, we equally focus on ensuring usability for the different roles of users that interact with our software. It's in our DNA. Petro-SIM 7 continues this focus on ease of use, making the complex simple and allowing multiple disciplines to look at the same model, input their own data, and interpret the results together.

We have further enriched our highly functional Microsoft Excel™ integration by creating new flexibility and introducing new, user-driven-methods for getting the right information into, and out of the process simulator. We have introduced a new data set analysis utility that helps users better understand and manage their data in a process model. We've created new tools to automate the mundane tasks that historically have been done manually, freeing up time for engineers to analyze results and take action.

Petro-SIM 7 doesn't stop there. The world has entered a new digital revolution and the energy industry is moving towards digitalization. KBC has made a significant step in that journey, co-innovating with our partners and customers to deliver key advances in digitalization through integration with the OSIsoft PI System to ensure a single data model in PI Asset Framework automatically synchronized to the process model. This provides the necessary first step toward making Petro-SIM a ‘Digital Twin' of the asset able to perform monitoring, surveillance, supply chain optimization and other advanced applications and services.

KBC has also worked with market-leading IIOT platform vendors to enable hosting of the technology in the cloud for sustainable applications. With this IT foundation and by expanding upon its core capabilities in data management, Petro-SIM becomes a source for sustained value delivery as operating companies seek to answer their own digitalization questions.

I have worked in the industry for over thirty years and have never experienced such an exciting moment where the fusion of science and usability with digital technology emboldens us to unlock so much value. We always knew that it was possible, but it is the dedication of KBC's employees to the pursuit of excellence, and the belief of our customers in us that has made it practical. Petro-SIM 7 is the most scientific, usable and digital process simulation technology available today and it's from a company that truly understands the internal workings and value of the energy industry,

explains Andy Howell, CEO of KBC.

Petro-SIM 7 is available today for download by our extensive user base and is also available to trial by anyone interested. To find out more please contact KBC directly or also contact your local Yokogawa affiliate.