KBC Launches Multiflash 7.4 Software to Accelerate Decarbonization Efforts

Aug 07, 2023  

Supports CCUS, hydrogen production, and other low-carbon applications 

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announces the launch of Multiflash® 7.4, a comprehensive PVT modeling and physical properties software. It benefits the diverse needs of flow assurance specialists, PVT lab engineers, reservoir engineers, and process engineers in the energy, process, and petrochemical industries. With Multiflash 7.4 technology, users can accurately predict the phase behavior and transport properties of complex fluids. Additionally, this advanced modeling software sets a new standard by enhancing production workflows, optimizing efficiency, and ensuring exceptional results.

Multiflash 7.4 technology sets the stage for the industry's emerging green revolution. With its extensive capabilities, it supports key initiatives such as decarbonization, carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), and hydrogen production and transport. According to Behnam Salimi, Multiflash Product Manager, “Multiflash 7.4 software benefits from a collaborative research and development project with Heriot-Watt University, resulting in heightened modeling capabilities and accuracy for carbon dioxide-rich fluids used in CCUS applications.”

The key features and benefits of Multiflash 7.4 modeling software include: 

  • Modeling capabilities extended and improved for the PC-SAFT model used for polymer modeling and with the new high accuracy AGA-8 model that calculates gas densities.
  • Model accuracy enhanced for CPA (cubic-plus-association) and other equations of state that models carbon dioxide rich fluids in CCUS applications.
  • Fluid composition and PVT data automatically exported in PRODML XML format, which facilitates seamless integration with packages that support PRODML files.
  • Interface to reservoir simulators added to export fluid information to CMG's conventional and black oil (GEM, IMEX) reservoir simulators and Winprop software.
  • Tuning and data regression capabilities expanded in KBC’s ThermoBuilder tool. It connects seamlessly with Multiflash 7.4 software to provide a precise, comprehensive, and customizable solution that optimizes process and production operations.

With the combined power of Multiflash 7.4 software and ThermoBuilder, the industry can navigate the era of integrated digital solutions, leveraging automation and standardized modeling techniques to drive efficiency, productivity, and success.

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