KBC Launches Maximus 7.3 Software to Enhance Flow Assurance

Jul 04, 2022  

Enhanced modeling solution optimizes design and operations strategies.

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announces the launch of Maximus® 7.3 modeling software, now available in the cloud. This new version further enhances engineers’ capabilities to model the entire asset, from reservoir to facilities, with history matching and automated workflows. As a result, project managers and production and flow assurance engineers can optimize design and operations strategies to maximize the asset potential while reducing risks. 

"We listen to how our engineers seek technology to improve their productivity. Currently, field plans do not reflect the asset's complexity as it evolves throughout the life of field. This can cause difficulties implementing a strategy, which may delay production. Our software enhancement maximizes the asset's potential while managing inconsistent production, meeting production targets, and reducing emissions," said Alessandro Speranza, Product Manager for Maximus technology. "We aim to satisfy the engineers' and project managers' valuable need for time and accuracy.”

Maximus 7.3 software focuses on streamlining operations. With this advanced tool, users can access relevant information to reduce errors and improve decision-making. The solution allows a smooth transition from design to operation, whereby the model evolves from the design stage to a digital twin that links to field data and automatically reports meaningful insights and analytics. This solution saves considerable time, costs, and emissions while significantly enhancing operational efficiency.
New and enhanced features of the Maximus 7.3 software release include: 

  • Field Planning provides a full set of capabilities to develop optimal field plans and set production targets, including history matching and automated workflows from the reservoir to the processing facility.
  • Flow Assurance offers tools and support to estimate and mitigate flow assurance risks, such as wax deposition during the field life and shutdowns, thereby minimizing production losses and facility damage.
  • IPM-Digital Twin allows seamless integration with field data and custom workflows to provide valuable insights and analytics for production management and optimization.

"Our goal is to disrupt the oil and gas industry, bringing to market a fully integrated, open access, cloud-based and on-premise solution. Customizable and intuitive workflows are designed to help engineers and project managers create efficiency across the entire supply chain. This updated solution demonstrates KBC’s continued commitment to bring practical, innovative solutions to our global customers," concludes Speranza.

To find out more about Maximus 7.3 modeling software, please contact us.