Petrochemical Complex Reduces Utility Costs

A European facility includes a polyolefin complex, world-scale polypropylene and polyethylene plants, and petrochemical units. They produce polypropylene and polyethylene while the petrochemical complex produces additives, PVC, polymers, EBD, and DIB.

The Challenge

As part of a digital transformation project, the operator was looking to reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency, and reduce emissions.


KBC recommended the Visual MESA® Energy Management System which provides process energy demand monitoring and utility cost optimization in real time. It uses sensor data for equipment and plant status validation, so the operator knows operational conditions at any given moment.

The Results

The operator decreased energy costs by roughly 1.7% while operating in normal conditions. When operating under abnormal situations, they reported additional savings up to 7%. In addition, they reduced their overall site fuel consumption by 1.5%.