Mature Offshore Caribbean Platform Benefits from an Energy Efficiency Audit

A global energy company with mature offshore oil and natural gas production platforms in the Caribbean Sea had concerns on their energy efficiency and footprint. They are committed to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and approached KBC to carry out a pilot energy audit.

The Challenge

The complex indeed had high energy consumption. This was due to several factors, such as inefficient equipment, operating practices, and condition of the field. While maturity is an unavoidable issue, it still had a significant energy penalty.The Energy Intensity of the complex was 8.9 GJ/t, much higher than the industry best practice of between 1.5 and 3.2 GJ/t.


KBC consulting used a technique called ‘Gap Analysis’ to identify the areas of inefficiency and to quantify the contribution of each in the overall platform productivity.

The Results

KBC identified over a dozen projects with a total savings of USD 700,000/year. In addition to providing a detailed energy savings report, KBC also identified a list of operational improvements which were critical for the safe and efficient operation of the platform.