Integrated Refinery Increases Revenue By 5%

An integrated refinery and aromatic complex in southern India has a processing capacity of 15 million metric tons per year. The refinery predominantly processes imported crudes with a mix of low sulfur crudes.

The Challenge

The operator wanted solutions that did not require any CAPEX investment and were quick wins with immediate benefits. Another concern was that the continuous dynamic nature of the refining business could dilute any benefits they received.


Using Petro-SIM® simulation software, KBC created a digital twin of the complex which was used to evaluate various case scenarios. After analyzing several options, the team narrowed down the opportunities focusing on a Profit Improvement Program® that would result on immediate pay back with no CAPEX.

The Results

By implementing the suggested improvements, the operator saw an increase of 48 cents per barrel. An additional Profit Improvement Program that KBC identified would add another 20 cents per barrel and was an action that the client could implement themselves. Altogether, these savings increased the operator’s revenue to about 5% yearly.