Technology Services Senior Consultant


Permanent, Full-time


Barcelona, Spain



Closing date

March 14, 2024

Job Purposes

As a Technology Services Senior Consultant in the Technology business, your main focus will be client value delivery in the form of Projects, Technology Training and Customer Support on technology related queries.

  • Receive and process customer inquiries of process simulation technology solutions, and support customers through specialized technical or scientific applications, keeping in line with our quality KPIs.
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with customers and sales staff, particularly those focused on technical applications of the product or service. Use technical knowledge of products, product availability, sales territories, and individual customers to provide a key communications link to the customer. May handle multiple product markets. Relevant experience, completion of technical product training, and demonstration of high-level product and process knowledge of a technical nature.
  • Will work within a community of engineers mentoring junior staff and working alongside SME in technology and consulting to develop expertise.
  • Work to collaborate between sales, Research & Design (R&D), and customers, to maintain and strengthen the KBC/partnership relationships.


Technical Support - Provide advanced software support for internal and external customers via email, phone and in person to respond to complex customer questions. Monitor customer tickets, identifying and resolving standard issues and escalating these to manager as appropriate. Provide assistance to junior engineers as needed. Assist with client sales visits to demonstrate technology features.

Resolving Customer Issues – Respond to more advanced issue escalations promptly and appropriately. Ensure customer needs and expectations are met referring issues where necessary to appropriate specialist or sales; requesting managerial approvals as needed. Aggregate customer issues and collate the most commonly raised issues in order to create/develop response strategy.

Product Information - Provide advanced product information and respond to complex customer questions about our simulation portfolio of products. Adhere to predefined messaging/positioning of product.

Resolving Customer Issues - Respond to more advanced issue escalations promptly and appropriately; provide managerial approvals as required.

Facilitate Meetings with Customers - Set clear objectives for each client meeting; use standard materials to make a presentation to the customer; and ask relevant questions to evaluate the customer's level of interest and to identify and respond to areas requiring further information or explanation.

Periodic Health Checks - Maintain and lead periodic check-ins with key customers to ensure they're receiving the most value from the product/service.

Technology Training - Deliver advanced technology training courses, as requested by customer, or as part of a project. Will also be expected to create material as needed. Provide support to KBC marketing events; represent Company at industry conferences, present papers. Actively support company Knowledge Management. Train junior engineers as needed.

Service-Related Upselling and Cross-selling - During service interactions, look for opportunities to bridge customer needs to additional products/services offered by the organization.

Personal Capability Building – Build and maintain awareness product lines. Develop own capabilities by participating in assessment and development planning activities as well as formal and informal training and coaching; gain or maintain external professional accreditation where relevant to improve performance and fulfill personal potential. Maintain an understanding of relevant technology, external regulation, and industry best practices through ongoing education, attending conferences, and reading specialist media.

Operational Compliance - Maintain and renew a deep knowledge and understanding of the organization's policies and procedures and of relevant regulatory codes and codes of conduct, and ensure own work adheres to required standards.

Technical Mentorship - Provide technical mentorship to other engineers on team.


Behavioral Competencies:

  • Customer Focus - Builds strong customer relationships and delivers customer-centric solutions. For example, digs deeply into customer feedback and drives the innovations that can enable the organization to better meet customers' future needs. Frequently adjusts approach to ensure customer needs are met and to improve services.
  • Manages Complexity - Makes sense of complex, high quantity, and sometimes contradictory information to effectively solve problems. For example, looks at complex issues from multiple angles; explores issues to uncover underlying issues and root causes; sees the main consequences and implications of different options.
  • Tech Savvy - Anticipates and adopts innovations in business-building digital and technology applications. For example, investigates technologies to learn some cutting-edge best practices. Uses digital/social media to benefit the team and add value to the work being done; understands how to avoid misuse of these tools.
  • Collaborates - Builds partnerships and works collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives. For example, readily involves others to accomplish goals; stays in touch and shares information; discourages "us versus them" thinking; shows appreciation for others' ideas and input.



•    Customer-Focused Approach                •    Provides Technical Support
•    Strengthens Customer Connections      •    Troubleshoots Technical Issues
•    Understands Customer Needs               •    Action Planning
•    Leverages Digital Communications        •    Builds Customer Loyalty
•    Navigates Customer Challenges            •    Services into Sales



  • BS or MS degree or equivalent in Chemical / Process Engineering

General Experience:

  • Ability to provide leadership to others regarding work related systems, processes and challenges
  • Solid understanding of chemical engineering principles and ability to learn new concepts quickly
  • 10+ years of relevant experience
  • Ability to work as a team member in complex technology areas.
  • Ability to manage complex workload
  • Experience working in a global organization and with different cultures is an advantage.
  • Experience leading and or mentoring junior staff.
  • Flexibility to work with customers in different time zones
  • Highly motivated with a good work ethic.
  • Familiar with the preparation of short-term production plans, inventory management, planning of logistics and monitoring of deviations from targets at industrial complexes. 

Salary and Benefits: Competitive