Simulation and optimization

Dynamic Real-time Process Optimization (D-RTO)

KBC’s dynamic real-time process optimization (D-RTO) solution is control system agnostic and ensures that a whole facility or plant continuously responds to market signals, disturbances, such as feed changes, and globally optimizes on a minute-by-minute basis. The D-RTO solution combines Advanced Process Control (APC) and Real-time Process Optimization (RTO) into a single application, delivering incremental value of 20+% of the value of the APC application on its own. The integrated D-RTO solution delivers enhanced estimation of non-linear effects, more efficient model maintenance, broader scope of deployment, rapid adjustment to new operating envelopes and fast execution.

In 2015, Yokogawa released Platform for Advanced Control and Estimation (PACE). PACE is a new state-of-the-art multivariable model-based control technology, jointly developed by Yokogawa and Shell. In early 2019, KBC-A Yokogawa Company released the latest version of its rigorous steady state and dynamic fullstream process simulator, Petro-SIM®, which has been operationalized to consume real-time data for monitoring unit health and profitability. The multivariable control technology of PACE has been merged with the non-linear process simulation technology of Petro-SIM to constitute the D-RTO solution. This allows inferential calculations (e.g. furnace severity, catalyst degradation, catalyst circulation rate, distillation column tray loading, etc.) to be generated by Petro-SIM and incorporated into the PACE Controller as extra targets and constraints.

The combination of Petro-SIM and PACE for dynamic real-time optimization ensures that the facility continuously responds to market signals and disturbances, on a few minutes’ basis. The outcome is a fast automated response to dynamically changing plant and market conditions. Advanced control system optimization of the operation is in real time and based on the actual changes in raw material properties, product demand, and operating conditions. The single application leverages leading first principles non-linear process models to update the dynamic real-time process optimization gains and provide inferential calculations. The value addition is significant and provides a robust building block on which to further the pursuit of autonomous operations through closer alignment with planning and scheduling systems.

Process simulation

Petro-SIM is the leading process simulation and optimization platform for driving excellence in facility performance and organizational productivity. At the core of Petro-SIM’s technology, rigorous simulation models generate dependable results in an intelligent, user-friendly environment.

Advanced thermodynamics

Our Multiflash fluid property engine is a comprehensive PVT (pressure-volume-temperature) and physical properties package. It allows for complete modeling of the phase behavior of complex mixtures and pure substances.

Refinery simulation software

Our SIM Reactor Suite works in tandem with Petro-SIM. Our rigorous refinery and petrochemical reactor models are the industry’s most trusted analytical tools for conversion unit monitoring, planning, optimization, and design and engineering studies.

Advanced Process Control (APC)

Advanced process control (APC) and estimation platform is the best in class suite to rapidly design, develop, deploy, and sustain multi-variable control applications through-out the plant lifecycle. It will drive down your costs of developing and maintaining applications while giving you tools and capabilities to address challenging control problems.

Energy and utility systems

Saving energy is the most reliable way to reduce operating costs and improve profitability in a volatile market. Our software tools show you how to optimize the design, revamp and operation of energy systems, ensuring optimum efficiency.

Multi-period optimization

Visual MESA Multi-Period Optimizer is a high-fidelity analytics technology for optimal operation of energy across the process industries. It reduces costly uncertainty in planning, scheduling and trading of energy over multiple time periods.

Integrated production modeling and flow assurance

Maximus provides steady state, thermal hydraulic network models capable of handling the world’s most complex pipe networks. FloWax provides multiphase fluid dynamics with wax deposition modeling capabilities, indispensable for flow assurance and production applications.

Flare systems

Flaretot is a software solution designed to seamlessly carry out all aspects of flare system design, revamp and auditing. Linking directly to Petro-SIM and other process simulators, Flaretot provides a rigorous approach to the modeling of flare systems within a single, user-friendly visual environment.

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