Software services

Our unique blend of software and process skills means that we can supply end-to-end software services that integrate best-in-class applications with automated, real-time data collection and analysis. This holistic approach results in greater performance from assets (e.g. increased yields, reduced energy costs, more repeatable quality standards or less incidents), relentlessly, and with fewer skilled people.

We provide dependable software services and support

We provide software services focused on operational excellence ranging from custom software design and development, through implementation and configuration of in-house and 3rd party applications, on-premise and in the cloud, all supported with 24/7 help desk and global training services.

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Our products and services

Process modeling services include software installation, problem definition, model set-up, constraint identification, model calibration, optimization criteria and linear programming (LP) vector generation.

When used for performance monitoring, we will assist with set-up of the Unit Monitoring Tool – connecting it to a real-time data source, configuring the data sufficiency and reconciliation rules, and building Petro-SIM Explorer KPI dashboards.

Our operational technology and IT services focus on data modeling and building applications that use real-time data models to derive value. We gather requirements, build specifications, recommend make versus buy, code applications and / or procure, implement and support third-party tools as necessary.

A 24/7 help desk is available to support all users.

Other software services

Simulation modeling software

KBC’s simulation modeling software is designed to enable you to build your own models easily. Our industry and software experts are available to help too, and can assist with design and calibration of models and assistance with plant test runs.

Application software design and development

We can design and develop software to meet your exact requirements. Our specialization is in harnessing real-time process data and its associated context to build applications to solve technical problems, or to systematize work flow processes.

Application implementation

Whether we use a KBC software product, a custom-built application or a third-party product, our experts can help with all aspects of implementation: system architecture, software installation and application configuration.

Software support and maintenance

Our support and maintenance services ensure software is consistently delivering superior results. It includes enhancements to software products in the form of updates, upgrades and major road map developments, and our global help desk.

Software training

Training is offered with all KBC software solutions. Customers can sign up for any of our regularly scheduled classes or may request a class dedicated to your specific company and product needs. Additionally, web-based self-directed training is available through our dedicated YouTube channel.

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