The Effect of the Thermodynamic Model and Parameters in Process Modeling

In the oil and gas industry the choice of the thermodynamic and physical properties model is often regarded as a secondary factor in the modeling of process facilities. Despite the number of equations of state and thermodynamic models available in process simulators, for traditional and routine process modeling applications, engineers often do not even acknowledge the various possibilities offered by the simulator or PVT packages. They either use the pre-defined default model choice or, when available, align with the choice made by other engineering teams.

In this paper we will:

  • Analyze the impact of the choice of the equation of state on the thermodynamic modeling aspects related to a gas processing plant
  • Focus on the effect of MEG injection in a gas mixture
  • Focus on the effects of the inappropriate choice of thermodynamic model and how they can affect the design choices in the elaboration of the best hydrates inhibition strategies, in the sizing of the facilities or in the choice of the operating conditions
  • Look at the available choice of thermodynamic models to evaluate the correct phase behavior
  • Focus on the impact of the predictions of VLE and VLLE, on the hydrate inhibition strategy and the selection of operating conditions