Rising to the CO2 Challenge - Part 1

The refining industry is facing a major concern as they navigate a carbon-constrained environment. Even if only refinery emissions are considered, a cap and trade system or carbon tax can significantly increase operating costs.  

High emissions from the conversion of heavy feeds cannot be attributed solely to energy inefficiency but are also related to the hydrogen they require. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that refineries can reduce their carbon footprint to a significant degree. Blaming foreign competition for inefficiency may not always be justified. 

Today, refineries must not turn a blind eye to their own inefficiencies, as this may cause them to be overwhelmed by their carbon load, even if they only compete against other refineries that are under a carbon cap. 

This article explains the cap and trade schemes employed in the EU and the USA, highlights the importance of carbon efficiency, and presents a strategy to reduce GHG emissions.