Keeping Feedstock Flexible to Improve Margins

The cost of feedstock has a significant impact on revenue and, therefore, the profitability of a refinery and petrochemicals complex. The quality of different feeds governs the overall yields and the gross product worth. With feedstock flexibility, these facilities can process diverse feeds from different sources and at different prices. In the dynamic market, the availability and price of feedstocks swing continuously. In addition, crack spreads and product demand have an impact on feed selection. With this, it is evident that being able to know what and how to process a range of feedstocks can improve operating margins.

Read this article to understand:

  • The tools, methodologies and resources needed to process the best possible feedstocks in a dynamic market with continuously changing parameters
  • The constraints that restrict feedstock quality
  • A case study on Nynas that explains how they assessed the feasibility of processing various feedstocks at one of its refineries

This article appeared in Hydrocarbon Engineering, March 2022 and is Co-Authored with Nynas.