Integrating Operations at LNG Sites

For LNG operations seeking efficiency and compliance, integrating scheduling, production accounting, and energy management systems is crucial. These digital solutions streamline processes, optimize resource use, and provide real-time insights for informed decision-making.

This article explains how we helped two LNG clients:

  • A European LNG facility now leverages the power of production accounting by measuring key KPIs through seamless integration and best practices. Hybrid simulation scheduling systems enhance decision support by offering visibility into logistics and process unit operations, enabling efficient scheduling and risk mitigation.
  • An Asian LNG regasification plant implemented an energy management system to go beyond energy metrics and emissions tracking, achieving ISO 50001 certification and enabling continuous monitoring and optimizing energy consumption. 

Explore how these digital solutions in LNG operations provide a comprehensive framework for sustainability, operational excellence, and regulatory compliance, with tangible benefits evident across various projects.