An Integrated Approach to Refinery-Petrochemical Complexes

The future comprises a world of fuel refineries, refinery-integrated petrochemical complexes, and crude oil to chemicals.

With external challenges coupled with the increasing complexity and size of investment for new capital projects, owners are seeking holistic technical and operational guidance to make better investment decisions and minimize costly rework.

The concept of an owner’s technical advisor for capital projects is becoming increasingly common to address gaps with respect to technical, operational, and organizational experience.

In this PTQ article, Future Refinery Complexes Built Using an Integrated Approach, we discuss the integrated approach KBC employs and how a process digital twin supports the project in terms of:

  • Improved design definition
  • Updating the LP model
  • Integrated complex optimization
  • Steam and power system optimization
  • Scenario analysis

A case study is also shared which describes how KBC, as an Owner Technical Advisor, supported an Asian company planning to build a grassroots refinery-petrochemical complex. A process digital twin was used to evaluate several opportunities for margin improvement and energy conservation, and included key improvements in:

  • Feedstock optimization
  • Improved feed definition
  • Refinery-petrochemical value chain maximization
  • Gasoline blend feasibility
  • Complex turnaround optimization

Through identified opportunities the margins improved by 10% and overall energy consumption was reduced by approximately 6%.