Decarbonization Initiatives for Indian Refineries

The Indian Petroleum Industry is aggressively implementing decarbonization measures in refineries. India has committed to reduce its emissions by 33%–35% by 2030, but how can India achieve a net-zero emissions economy by this date?

Decarbonization can be achieved using digital technologies to measure and control emissions. Through real time process, energy, emissions, economics and multi-period optimization simulation tools, refineries can integrate both conventional forms of energy and renewables to meet the emission targets in the most economical manner.

In this article we outline key initiatives to help refineries in India reduce their Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions:

  • Energy reduction from the current assets
  • Supplementing the power requirement through renewable power
  • Technologies for carbon capture and carbon utilization
  • Increasing hydrogen production through solar and wind energy
  • Production of biofuels such as ethanol from municipal waste

Published in Chemical Industry Digest January 2023.