The Importance of Life of Field in Flow Assurance

1 hour

Wax precipitation and deposition represents a serious threat for production and processing facilities of operating assets. Waxes may precipitate from petroleum fluids due to cooling and deposit along the pipelines or in vessels, obstructing the flow and ultimately damaging operations. In extreme cases, the deposition may be so severe to block the pipelines, causing temporary shutdowns or permanent damages to the facilities. Prevention and correct management of the risk of wax precipitation and deposition is critical to contain unnecessary remediation costs and unplanned shutdowns.

Join this webinar where our expert will cover:

  • The importance of having a mitigation strategy that checks against the whole life of field
  • The limitations of modeling and monitoring tools
  • How the life of the field and changes in the produced fluid may affect the mechanism of wax separation and deposition
  • How flow assurance production engineers may reassess the operating conditions and chosen mitigation strategy in view of these changes
  • How utilizing our software tools FloWax®, Maximus® and Multiflash®, can help engineers sizing the facilities correctly and support the decision making process.