Obtaining Value Now from an Integrated Asset Model

1 hour

Companies have very complex and iterative work processes for delivering projects, with many individual silos. All of these groups and departments using their own software in silos, to satisfy their own needs. An Integrated Asset Model (IAM) set up as a digital twin enables achievement of engineering and production priorities more efficiently by breaking down these barriers and shifting away from traditional ways of production modeling.

This webinar takes a holistic approach to the entire asset, and the way that an IAM can deliver better returns on capital employed. We'll explore the detail of connecting real time data with rigorous date-based simulation and consistent, accurate multi-phase fluid thermodynamics. This then leads to a single true representation, removing conservative design margins and inconsistencies in operational data; saving your assets time and cost in both the design and operations phases of their lifecycles.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Where time and money are lost through different models and inconsistencies in data
  • The key components of an Integrated Asset Model and the value of deep integration
  • How IAM with real time data, a digital twin, is now obtainable within the upstream industry

Included in the webinar will be a demonstration using the KBC Software Suite (Petro-SIM®, Maximus® and Multiflash®), of how the different needs and requirements of the design, flow assurance and operations engineers can be satisfied and enhanced by using an IAM.